Wacom Bamboo Create Tablet

I made an impulsive decision and got a Wacom Bamboo Create Tablet over the weekend as I have been wanting to draw more and figured a digital medium would be good. When I first started using it there was some disorientation, but after a couple hours or using it that has gone away and it feels very fluid.

My first piece was inspired by a book “Eat Your Way To Happiness”:

After that, I asked my friend for an idea and he said “make a dinosaur eating a hotdog”. That prompted this:



I still have a lot to learn about drawing in general as well as drawing on a tablet, but I have been having a lot of fun creating.

Owl Scratchboard

Over the holiday break, I worked on another scratchboard. I knew I wanted it to be an owl, so I searched around for owl pictures and came across this, which fit the image in my head:


First, I sketched the owl with pencil and paper, paying attention to important outlines, but only trying to get a broad sense for shading in other areas.

After this, I transferred the drawing to the scratchboard by placing it on top of the scratchboard and drawing the outline of important areas in pen. This made a soft impression in the scratchboard and gave me a sense of where to draw the dominant lines. After this, I looked at the original picture and started scratching, doing the lightest parts first. Here is the final product: