Digital Painting with Color

My latest piece on the Wacom tablet is a drawing/painting I did of my cat. I think it is the first time that I have drawn/painted anything (maybe digital or non – can that really be??) of anything in color!

I had always had the idea of painting our cat, Twix, and Michelle gave me the perfect excuse when I asked her to give me an idea for my next piece. She told me to paint “two animals that love each other”. Michelle and I have a deep love for our cat and for animals in general so I knew I could incorporate our cat in this piece. When I was looking through old pictures of Twix that were taken when we first got her I found one of my hand scratching her head. I knew that these were to be the two animals!

I built up my image using many different layers of detail in GIMP and stopped when I got here:

I say “stopped when I got here” because with this piece I really couldn’t tell when it was to be “done”. I think I should do more detail on the hand, but part of me likes that it is stylized. Also, I don’t know what I think of the background color – I just kind of arbitrarily picked it because I was anxious to share it. I don’t have any plans to revisit it, but perhaps I will someday.