Weekend Thoughts

I was fortunate enough to have my parents come visit me and Michelle this weekend. We did more sightseeing than we had in the past, including visiting the American Art Museum (and seeing the awesome Art of Video Games Exhibit), going to Eastern Market, going to the Kennedy Center, and going to the Botanical Gardens.

It always amazes me how differently I can feel about things in the span of just a couple of years. My memory of my last visit to the Botanical Gardens is one of boredom. I remember having a “that’s it??” feeling as I walked through it. This time around I had a much deeper appreciation of what I saw – Michelle said she felt the same way.

Another interesting point of the weekend is how different people’s perspectives can be. There were a few times when my dad pointed out something that he found very interesting that I had just walked by in the past. For example, in Eastern Market there is a man who sells giraffes that are fashioned out of torn up soda cans. I had seen this many times in the past in Eastern Market, but I never really stopped to look at it. By him causing us to spend time at the booth, I got a closer look and a better appreciation of what the man had to offer. It was a good reminder to think like a traveler¬†and also that people have vastly different perspectives. I have been trying to be conscious of when someone has a different perspective than me and to see where they are coming from – it has really helped me get a richer worldview.

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