Scott Hanselman’s Board of Directors

One of the few bloggers that I follow is Scott Hanselman. He generally write about computer programming and life more generally and I usually enjoy the pieces.

A recent post of his entitled Who is on your Life’s Board of Directors, however, has a seemingly innocuous element that I have seen recurring that just doesn’t sit right with me. Hanselman writes (his bolding, not mine):

My wife and I talk a little about mission statements in the context of marriage in our (perpetually) upcoming book on Relationship Hacks.

He goes on to say:

Companies have mission statements and a Board of Directors. Your life is pretty important. Why not create a Life Board of Directors to help you through it?

While I get the overall point he is trying to make, it seems somewhat scary to me to use business terminology as an analog for handling one’s closest relationships. In a time where people are working more and more hours on average and spending less and less time with their families, it seems prudent to me to separate work life from family life as much as possible – the intermingling of language between the two concepts seems dangerous.

Also, the overall idea expressed in the article is simple: have a group of people in your life that can support you and lead you in the right direction. Too often, it seems, we use simple metaphors as shortcuts for concepts that really don’t need them – they are clear enough without them.

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