The Amazing Juice Bottle Trick

When I was growing up, my dad always did something that I found to be a bit strange. After emptying a bottle of juice into his glass, he would set the bottle down for a minute or two. He would then take the seemingly empty bottle and attempt a re-pour. Unfailingly, a few measly drops that had since resettled to the bottom of the bottle came out into his glass. This frugal ritual was repeated time and time again, meal after meal. It always felt purposeless to me – a micromanagement of an insignificant system.

I’ve grown up a lot since that time and my views on many things have changed. I now often catch myself viewing the world through a lens that I would imagine is similar to my dad’s. Waste here. Waste there. Overconsumption. Now I cannot think of a reason why I should not pour that extra amount into my glass, so I do. Hell, it is kind of a cool trick. And, in addition to being practical and respectful, I find it a meaningful way to pay a tiny tribute to my dad. I think he had it right the whole time.

Something – Anything

There is something that intimidates me about writing, and the intimidation compounds the longer I don’t do it. Even so, I was surprised to see that my last update was before summer started, it now being long gone. I opened up the blog just now in an attempt to get something – anything – down, to allay some of the intimidation. I have found that taking baby steps in pursuing the various interests in my life has really helped me with the follow through.

Ideally, I would like to write a short piece every day. The content would not have to be mind-blowing. It would more be a habit forming activity so that when true inspiration does hit I am not too self-repressed to get it down. I’ve really taken the Aristotelian quote “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” to heart over the past year or so. It has helped me in other arenas – hopefully it can here as well.