Reformatting the 15z

This is just a note on reformatting my 15z, since I ran into some problems and will definitely forget how to fix them by the time I reformat again.

Problem: Wireless was really laggy when I reformatted.

Solution: First, get the older version of the 6230 wireless driver (v14.3.0.6) from the Dell site. After it install, do the following: “There’s a parameter in the registry that will prevent the adapter from scanning while associated to an AP. It’s named ScanWhenAssociated. Default value is 1. Set it to 0 to prevent scanning. The negative outcome for this action is that roaming may be affected. When it comes time to roam, the WiFi adapter might not have an up to date scan list. To find the parameter in the registry you can do a search under CurrentControlSet.” as seen here. This fixes a weird intermittent lag issue.


Problem: Can’t get Webcam Software

Solution: I had to go to Dell’s technical chat to get the software manually. Apparently I can’t get to the download center since my computer is refurbished! The in chat technician gave me links to the Webcam software.


Problem:  Audio Snap, Crackles, and Pops

Solution: First, get the audio driver from the Dell website. Next, read here. Basically, get the Qualcomm driver for the Ethernet card.


That should be it – make sure that you have all of the other drivers as well!


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