Linux Virtual Box Configuration

This one is also just for me (aren’t the all?).

I often make Linux Virtual machines that run in Virtual Box and tinker with the settings to get the environment working out. I just did some benchmarks with different settings and I wanted to capture the optimal configuration so I don’t have to do these tests each time. They are:


On my Dell 15z with Hardinfo benchmarker

– Linux Mint 15 (out performed Ubuntu 13.10 on all but N-Queens, in which Ubuntu won by a large margin)

– Memory 4096 (although I think this can be changed)

– Processors 4 (3 works well too, and doesn’t spin so hot)

– PAE/NX Enabled

– VT-x/AMD-V Enabled

– Nested Paging DISABLED

– Display: Max Video Memory

– Display: 3d Acceleration ticked

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