Main Street in Heidelberg

Julia and I live right off of the Main Street (Hauptstraße) in Heidelberg. We got really lucky because apartments are notoriously hard to get in Heidelberg, and especially hard in this location – it isn’t even all that expensive and much less than half of what I was paying in Arlington, VA. The Hauptstraße has a lot of shops, both boutique and chain and is very touristy with lots of hustle and bustle. According to Wikipedia, the Fußgängerzone (“Fuß” like “Foosball table” meaning “Foot”, “Gänger” like “Doppelgänger” here meaning “Goer”, and “Zone” as in “Zone”, altogether meaning something like “Walking Area” – see? German is easy…) is the longest in Europa at 1.6km long. Part of Heidelberg University is in this area, with the major part being on the other side of the Neckar River.

I made a little video to show a little bit of what it is like here. At the end, I go into a little area where we live. You can see a boutique shop with red awnings as well as where our apartment is on the upper right, which is above a bakery that you can see at the beginning of the video directly to the right of the gate.

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